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About Kats'n'Klamms

My late husband, Ron, was an avid cat lover and we adopted a few household pets early in our marriage. Eventually, Ron became interested in the idea of showing cats, so we researched the different breeds for about a year and finally decided that the Bombay was the breed for us. Kats'n'Klamms Cattery was established in 1982 when we purchased Gotagato Fifth Generation of Miraj, an eight-month-old, show quality Bombay male, who was our foundation male. The first time we EVER showed a cat was at the The International Cat Association's (TICA) Annual Awards Show & Banquet in Dallas, TX. Bouncer, as we fondly called him, made it into five out of 10 finals and, needless to say, we were hooked on showing! We decided Bouncer needed some girlfriends, so he was shortly joined by Cinn-a-barr Kiann of Kats'n'Klamms and Midinite New Dawn of Kats'n'Klamms, and they became our foundation females. We had a rather successful breeding program and through the years, we have had numerous Regional and International winning Bombays. We were thrilled when SGC Kats'n'Klamms Mary Kay was TICA's 20th Best International Cat in 1987. We were even more ecstatic when her daughter, SGC Kats'n'Klamms Genji was TICA's 2nd Best International Cat two years later! We had several winners after Genji, but none who placed as high as she did.

Through our involvement in cat shows I developed an appreciation of all the breeds. I became a judge in The International Cat Association in 1989. Since then, I have judged all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, and even once in Mexico City as a guest judge for another cat association. Because of my work and judging schedule, plus the fact that our daughter was in her teen years, Ron and I decided to retire from raising and showing Bombays in the mid-90s. In 2001, Ron and I began discussing returning to raising and showing Bombays, but shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with and died of cancer. I lost interest in the cat fancy and resigned from judging in 2003, but in 2008, just for fun, I went to TICA's Annual Awards Show & Banquet in Dallas, TX (life has a way of repeating itself). I realized how much I had missed all my cat fancy friends, so by the end of the weekend, I had committed to returning as a judge AND had a commitment from a fellow Bombay breeder for a female kitten, Vindouro Kaliente of Kats'n'Klamms. Kali did extremely well as a kitten, became a Supreme Grand Champion as an adult and was a Regional Winner as both. Kali has now been retired and is being totally spoiled in her forever home. I have since added Securitazz Kismet of Katsnklamms, a Bombay female imported from Sweden; QGC Vindouro Chocolate Diamond, a chocolate Burmese; and Blackglama Black Opal of NFusion, a Bombay female imported from Australia. These are the three girls who currently make up my breeding program. We're also delighted to have our first male in many years, RW SGC Graymark Dark Knight of Katsnklamms, aka Batkid. He's an absolute delight



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