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Bombays & Burmese are definitely an outgoing, people-oriented breed. They get along with individuals ranging in age from infant to geriatric. They love nothing better than to be with their people. If someone comes to visit, this is even better because they now have a new person from whom to demand attention! They're not a noisy breed, but when they have something to say, they aren't shy about communicating it. They love to sleep under the covers. This is a wonderful trait if one lives in the North during the winter. Their little, hot bodies keep one nice and warm. However, if one lives in the South during the summer… Bombays and Burmese don't shun association with other cats or even with dogs. They do have a tendency to believe that their rightful place is at the top of the hierarchy and seem to be able to convince the other inhabitants of the home of this with very few, if any, altercations. With their outgoing personality, they take to showing quite well.



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